Sheet Metal Worker Apprentice/Master

Sheet Metal Worker Apprentice/Master exams  are for specialists who have graduated professional course or 3-year vocational school  in a specific discipline (in case of apprentice exam) or for those who hold the apprentice title and have at least 6 years of professional experience in the field of fitting/cladding of industrial insulation (in case of master exam). Master exam can also be approached by those who carry the apprentice title and run their own company specialized in the field of industrial insulation.

Exam duration: 3 days.

Location: a lecture room (theoretical exam: oral, written) and a workshop (practical exam) R&M Centrum Szkolenia Zawodowego ul. Opolska 75, 47-300 Krapkowice (R&M Center of Professional Trainings). Theoretical exam is conducted in presence of Chamber of Crafts representatives.

Requirements: participants of the exam are expected to have necessary qualifications and/or professional experience in a chosen profession (fitter/cladder) and to pay the examination fee.

Information for candidates: Participants should wear protective shoes and clothes during the exam. During the theoretical part formal dress code is advised. Filled application (for private individuals) or order (for companies) along with filled the necessary documentation (submitted not later than 1 month prior to the exam) are required for participation booking.

Professional competences testing system is addressed to experienced specialists who have no formal proof of their skills. Evaluation of competences includes testing of theoretical knowledge, practical skills, professional attitude and values required by a given function.

System advantages:

  • Real overview of the candidates competences
  • The employer is informed about the current level of the workers professional skills and knowledge after the first stage of testing
  • Limited number of bureucratic proceedings saves time
  • System is helpful in terms of career planning
  • Workers strong and weak points are shown

Site test NORSOK R004 is an exam based on Norwegian standards. Participants of this exam are expected to know the norm and to demonstrate insulation fitting skills using appropriate materials and techniques. The exam is organized for the specialists who have at least 2 years of professional experience in industrial insulation fitting and international projects. Positive result leads to acquiring Norwegian professional licence.

Exam duration: up to 2 days depending on the syllabus provided by the Investor.

Location: lecture rooms (theoretical part) and a workshop (practical part) at R&M Vocational Training Center ul. Opolska 75, 47-300 Krapkowice.

Requirements: participants of the exam should have at least 2 years of relevant professional experience (fitter/cladder) and pay the examination fee prior to the exam.

Information for candidates: Participants should wear protective shoes and clothes during the exam. Filled application (for private individuals) or order (for companies), employment contract as attestation of professional experience and payment of the examination fee are required for participation registration.

Scaffolder Examination – ISO 17024 – Dutch standards is a training based on regulations obliging in Netherlands and Belgium. Only those who completed the advanced course can approach this exam.  The exam is supervised by a representative of IQC (International Quality Consultancy). DNV-GL certificates are granted to those who pass theoretical and practical parts of the exam.

Examination for Scaffolders  (metal construction scaffolding systems)  – Polish standards is an external examination, supervised by the IMBiGS (Instytut Mechanizacji Budownictwa i Górnictwa Skalnego – Building Mechanization and Rock Mining Institute) commission, positive result of this exam leads to acquiring Polish professional license and issue of the scaffolders book. (The Book of Machines Operator).